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Close your customers

- all of them

Open tabs and abandoned cards are for everyone else. Shindy is for closers. Let our mobile payment solution free up your bartenders for more valuable customer interactions.

86 lost payments and credit cards

Walkouts and declined cards are a thing of the past. Customer check-ins guarantee a credit card is always on file and tabs close automatically when they leave the bar.

No Card Left Behind

Integrate your POS software

Shindy blends seamlessly into your staff's workflow

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Speed up your service

Free up bartender time when customers close via mobile

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That’s it. We’ll take care of the rest.

Seriously. Bar tabs automatically close when customers leave the bar.

By the industry, for the industry

Shindy is built on 15+ years of industry experience to supercharge your service and simplify the end of your nights. Matt and Sophie are the Co-founders, having previously worked together at a small startup in Chicago. Between Matt's extensive hospitality experience and Yenan's design skills, they're ready to move the industry forward.

Matthew Marks

Matt's been working in restuarants his whole life, from his first job in high school, then culinary school and the last 10 years in the Chicago restaurant scene. He served tables at the Aviary, slung bourbon as an ambassador for Angel's Envy and most recently became a software developer. Now, he's combining his love of the industry with his new skills to bring Shindy to life.

Sophie Lynn

She has a Masters degree from the IIT Institute of Design. She brings ideas to life with her visually striking designs and seamless user experience. Matt originally roped her in as a side project but her clarity is what has brought this project to fruition. Her long-term vision pushes Shindy forward and it wouldn't be what it is today without her.